Kris Kringle from Miracle on 34th Street asking what a young girl wants for Christmas.
Woman re-enters Macy’s to describe her experience of being sent to Gimbel’s to the Manager and demonstrate how thrilled and thankful she is.

I want to congratulate you and Macy’s on this wonderful new stunt you’re pulling. Imagine, sending people to other stores… Imagine a big outfit like Macy’s putting the spirit of Christmas ahead of the commercial. It’s wonderful. I never done much shopping here before but from now on, I’m going to be a regular Macy customer.

“I admit this plan sounds idiotic and impossible. Imagine Macy’s Santa Claus sending customers to Gimbels, but gentlemen, you cannot argue with success. Look at this. Telegrams, messages, telephone calls. The governor’s wife, the mayor’s wife, thankful parents expressing undying gratitude to Macy’s.

Never in my entire career have I seen such a tremendous and immediate response to a merchandising policy. And I’m positive if we expand our policy we’ll expand our results as well. Therefore, from now on, not only will our Santa Claus continue in this manner, but I want every salesperson in this store to do precisely the same thing. If we haven’t got exactly what the customer wants, we’ll send him where he can get it.

No high pressuring and forcing a customer to take something he doesn’t really want. We’ll be known as the helpful store, the friendly store, the store with a heart, the store that places public service ahead of profits.”

Becoming the bonafide ALLY of the consumer.

Santa-sized opportunities.



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