Step-by-Step guide to Become the Superhero Version of Yourself in 2022

  • Income
  • Great friendships and personal relationships
  • Awesome experiences
  • Time spent with family
  • Personal Fitness
  1. Constantly living under my potential, not making any progress, feeling empty, depressed, you name it… and;
  2. Someone who has put together some INSANE winning streaks in the things that are important to me like health and fitness, my work/career/financial success, and my relationships.

1. DECIDE Who You Want To Become.

  • What does their morning routine look like? Visualize yourself going through it.
  • How does this person look? How do they feel? What do they dress like?
  • How do they carry themselves at home? How about in the workplace?
  • Is this person confident and fulfilled?
  • What car do they drive?
  • What are their friendships and relationships like?
  1. How many times do you get in the car without any idea of where you’re going? (Not many I’d hope). Do I need to say more? Set your GPS to your end goal.
  2. Your brain and your emotional circuitry cannot tell the difference between an imaginary experience and a real one…
    …you’ve probably experienced this getting all amped up during that imaginary argument you have with someone during your shower.

2. Start Small.

  • Can I replace all sugary soft drinks and sodas with cleaner options such as coffee, water, green tea, etc.?
  • Can I wake up at the same time every morning for a week and go for a walk outside without my phone?
  • Can I reduce alcohol intake to 1–2 drinks a week (or none at all)?

3. Stack Mental Wins.

*Superhero YOU has entered the chat*

4. The Ultimate Formula for Your Happiness and Success.

Your happiness and success are directly proportional to the magnitude and consistency of which you’re able to keep promises to yourself over the long term.

  • Health and Fitness
  • Business
  • A New Skill
  • Relationships
  • You Name it…

“…over the long term.”



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